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Fishing on South Uist & Benbecula

A lace-work of over 800 lochs is surrounded by unrivalled machair on the west coast, with miles of brilliant silver sand beaches, leading to wildflower-filled corn fields and isolated glens and hills in the East.

The unique shell sand alkaline machair lochs on the west side create the ideal growing conditions for quality brown trout and sea trout which are universally regarded as some of the best fishing you can experience.  Salmon and Sea trout up to 10lb are caught regularly. Local fishing information is provided in the cottage.


Askernish, situated on the beautiful island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, is home to a fine links golf course offering stunning surroundings and an ever-changing challenge for any grade of golfer. First laid out by Old Tom Morris in 1891 it has been fully restored to its original position using entirely traditional design principles, this course is a must for passionate golfers. Environmental experts have already hailed the Askernish as “the most natural links course in the world”: the dunes’ natural contours form the fairways, no artificial chemicals are used in maintenance, and during winter months sheep and cattle graze the course! The unique nature of the Askernish links and the culture of the Western Isles make South Uist a wonderful place to visit for all ages. 


Ceòlas is a music and dance summer school featuring expert tuition in piping, fiddling, singing, dancing and the Gaelic language. It is set within the Gaelic-speaking community of South Uist.

Ceòlas explores the vital connections between Scottish traditional music, Gaelic song and dance while allowing ample opportunity for participants to enjoy all these art forms in cèilidhs and in homes, the places which fostered them…


One of the great pleasures of spending time on the island is the continuously changing colours and light. This makes for some great photographic opportunities. See the following links for great examples. Some photography for this site was by Hugh Spicer.

Inter-Island Day Trips

The cottage is ideally located in the middle of the Hebrides Island chain situated perfectly for exploring the Hebrides island chain and St Kilda. Causeways link Eriskay, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist and Berneray and are easily explored by Car or by Bike. You can Visit St Kilda, Barra, Mingulay, Lewis, Harris and the Isle Of Skye by boat for day trips weather permitting.

Boat trips

Two professionally operated seat tour operators will help you explore the Southern Isles and as far as St kilda. The Steel brothers at Uist Sea Tours explore the southern islands as well as Mingulay, St Kilda and the Monachs. Nick at Uist boat trips covers Benbecula, North Uist and the Monach Islands.

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To See

Bird watching and Wildlife in the Western Isles

The wildlife and bird watching on the islands and around the cottage is spectacular. South Uist alone is home to around 24 pairs of Golden Eagles as well as Corncrake, Sea Eagles, Hen Harriers, Peregrines, Merlins, Sparrow Hawks, Short Eared and Snowy Owls to name a few. Steve Duffield at Western Isles Wildlife provides excellent wildlife tours. You will be amazed at the array of wildlife as you sit at the cottage or travel around the islands. 

South Uist Nature Reserve

Loch Druidibeg Nature reserve on South Uist and the landscapes surrounding it present one of the best places in the Hebrides to see the full range of island wildlife and habitats. The 1677 hectares that form Loch Druidibeg National Nature Reserve stretch across South Uist from the Atlantic coast almost to the Minch

North Uist Nature Reserve

This beautiful Balranald reserve on North Uist has sandy beaches, rocky foreshore, marshes and sand dunes. An information centre explains the importance of traditional crofting agriculture for corncrakes and other wildlife. Many wading and farmland birds nest on the flower-rich machair and croft-land.

Hebridean Jewellery

Quality hand made local Jewellery inspired by the beauty of the Outer Hebrides. The shop sells a vast collection of their own hand made Jewellery and other local crafts. The café within the shop is highly recommended and will compliment your visit.


South Uist and the Southern Isles are home to a number of important archaeological sites and anchient monuments. Information is available in the cottage for your use.

The Kildonan Centre

The Kildonan Centre in South Uist is a heritage and cultural amenity which includes a museum, craft shop and an excellent café serving home made food.

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To Taste & Enjoy

There are a number of great Restaurants on the island. A full list of restaurants and cafes is available in the cottage. 

There is a wide variety of shellfish freely available from the foreshore and tidally around the cottage which once inspired the well known chef Nick Nairn to visit and gather razor clams and cook them in the cottage during the filming of his TV programme Hebrides Harvest. Spending time on the foreshore collecting shellfish for a treat can be an exhilarating experience.

Kallin Shellfish

Kallin Shellfish in Grimsay on Benbecula sell freshly cooked and live shellfish sustainably sourced by local fishermen. All their products are sourced from the pristine waters around the Outer Hebrides. Some such as lobster and crab are caught mainly on the Atlantic Seaboard on the West of the Hebrides, and Langoustine and scallops are caught on the Eastern Seaboard or the Minch as it is known. East or West the Hebrides are surrounded by some of the cleanest and pollution free waters in the world. St Kilda or Hirta as it is better known locally is a little to the West of us and after that nothing but thousands of miles of Atlantic to Canada and America.

Kallin smoked salmon and smoked scallops are as good as you will taste in the Hebrides. A genuine taste of the Hebrides!

Salar smokehouse

Salar smokehouse is located less than 3 miles from the cottage producing award winning smoked salmon. Produced in small batches the distinctive flavour and texture of the Flaky smoked salmon is different to any other hot smoked products due to the unique hand built kilns and treasured recipe. The smoked cooked salmon retains all the natural omega 3 oils and nutrients and produces the succulent but firm Flaky texture which only Flaky smoked salmon can provide. Our processes are simple and old fashioned in a way, handmade throughout the process ensuring each portion is handled with pride ensuring quality. It takes years of experience and patience to master this process, one that cannot be rushed.

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There’s something
for everyone.

Listed below is a very brief outline of things to do and see whilst staying at the cottage and visiting the Hebrides.  Further details can be found via the various links provided on our website. There is something for everyone

A summary of some of the things to do and see during your stay:

Beautiful Beaches

There are miles of beaches on South Uist and the interlinked islands which are free for you to explore, relax or unwind at your own pace.

Fishing in the Hebrides

If fishing is one of your pleasures then South uist and Benbecula alone have over 800 lochs with plenty published material in the cottage to guide you through your preferred choice. 

Birdwatching and wildlife

In the Hebrides- South Uist and around the Cottage are a haven for rare birds, wildlife and sealife. 

Golf in the Hebrides

The links golf course at Askernish on South Uist designed by Old Tom Morris in 1891 is a must for all golfers.

Art & Painting

The islands are an Artist’s paradise and the viewpoint above the cottage provides a peaceful location and colourful landscapes for you.

Relax and Unwind

The Shieling by the Bay is a truly relaxing cottage designed with peace and tranquillity in mind. 

Music and culture

There are a number of festivals on throughout the year and you can learn to speak gaelic and play music or take in the rich music and culture of the Hebrides.

Walking and Climbing

There are a variety of walks on South Uist where you will be rewarded with stunning views and tranquillity.



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